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John Ware Preaching At Marietta Baptist Camp

John Ware was the camp pastor during youth week at Marietta Baptist Camp year after year for
many many years.  He ended up preaching the same series of messages every year because
everyone wanted to hear them again.  He had more sermons than what I have here, but I
do not have those.  If you do have a recording of any sermons not included here, please let me know!
The only sermon that is missing that I can name is the "Radar Range" sermon.

Tuesday's chapel sermon:
Gary is dumb and plays with mom's doo dads / You reap what you sow

Wednesday's chapel sermon:
John's dad teaches John to ride a bicycle / God's blessings

Thursday's chapel sermon:
John drives a tractor / Our Father knows best

Friday's chapel sermon:
John's testimony / The prodigal son

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