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Nolichucky River

This is the Nolichucky Gorge.  On one side is a Bear Sanctuary and on the other side is Park Service land.  It is breathtakingly beautiful and secluded.  The only ways out of this river are the train tracks on it's side (for coal trains), the river itself, and helicopter.  It is quiet, clean, and natural.  We saw a dear on the bank while going down the river.  Later an eagle flew over.  This picture does not include rapids because the camera person was kinda busy when we hit the rapids.  My wife and I have gone down this river twice.  The second time, we rafted in the spring because that's when the water level peaks.  Both times we went down this river, our flotilla of rafts were the only ones on the water.  One time, we did pass some kayakers grilling steaks on the riverside.  I highly recommend this river in spring.  But beware.  My hand cramped every time it hit the water because it was VERY cold.  I thought spring break was a good time to go rafting.  North Tennessee is cold in March!!!  It was fun, but the wet suit I rented leaked!

The Nolichucky River Valley

Matt is the guy facing the camera.  He is being silly for this picture.  I don't think we have gotten a serious picture of him in the twenty-plus years I have known him.

Klopex is a fun part of this nutritious breakfast!

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