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For relief of symptoms of Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac (Urushiol)

  • August 9, 2003

  • What it is:
  • Zanfel claims that it completely washes away poison ivy, oak, and sumac (Urushiol) from the skin in 30 seconds.
  • I get infected with Poison Ivy pretty badly. I have had several... no numerous cases. You might think, "Quit getting into it, dummy!" But, it is not so easy to do when you're as dumb as I apparantly am. Well, it happened again. I was going to get some Benadryl but decided to ask the wonderful pharmacist at CVS for some advice. He said he uses a lotion containing 1% Hydrocortizone. He said I might want to try a new product named Zanfel. He warned me that it costs $40.00 dollars for a one ounce tube. He said it claims that it would get rid of poison infections in one day. Now, I know from numerous experiences that NOTHING works to get rid of poison ivy. I think that nothing helps relieve it either. I read the package and it seemed scientific in its description (as opposed to the marketing on most packages). I bought it.
  • Inside the package was a paper with a description about how the Urushiol poison affects you and how Zanfel works. It was scientific in its description. I was impressed with the document. It also tells about how to avoid getting exposed to poison, myths about poison, and what is a systemic reaction to Urushiol.
  • The product cannot treat a systemic reaction. A systemic reaction to poison ivy is commonly refered to by people as "Having in your blood". Once the poison gets in your lymphatic system or in your blood stream, you will have reactions on parts of your body that were not exposed to the poison ivy plant.
  • Being an amature scientist, I decided to treat only my right arm and leg. I have several patches of infection on both arms and legs. My wife helped me and we applied the product according to all of the rules. I was exposed to the poison ivy 24 hours before I began treatment with the Zanfel.

  • How it worked:
  • I noticed that there was a significant difference between the treated side and the untreated side. Later, I threw scientific study out the window for the hope of total relief. I applied Zanfel to all of my infections. They improved, but later flared back up. I applied Zanfel as the directions instructed each time and the infection IMPROVED, but returned. Perhaps I had a very bad exposure. The package warned that it may take several applications to remove a heavy exposure to urushiol.
  • After a day or two, I used almost all of the Zanfel. The swelling, redness, and itching returned. I decided that this was the best thing I had ever tried, but it was not a cure for me. A few more days went by and the infection increased and became constant. I decided to cut open the tube and scrape out the last of the Zanfel and spread it on me. After the application, I felt the relief that I had felt before. The infection never came back. I had the marks from the several day old infection. It did stop prematurely. ZANFEL DOES WORK.
  • I cannot say that Zanfel works as well as they promise. It did more for me than anything else has ever done. I think it might be worth the money to try it again, if I do not learn my lesson from this infection!!

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