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Who Is "Klopex?"
If a man could create a dazzling legend about himself, it would go like this.

  • Family and Personality

  • I was born in South Carolina.  I am the youngest of several children.  I am, of course, the nicest, smartest, tallest, best looking, fastest, strongest, and most well behaved of all my siblings.  They don't agree with that because they all have clandestine agendas.  So, trust me about such matters!!  I have always had a tendency to be silly.  I prefer not to be a problem or a disruption.  If I made a joke in class, I wanted the teacher to enjoy it too.  I think that David Letterman and I have similar approaches to comedy, except he does it for a living and has made millions of dollars from it.

  • Education and Employment

  • When I got old enough, I went to college.  I majored in Mathematics.  I taught High School Math for a few years and then went into computers.  I programmed for a couple years and then I went to Grad School for Computer Science.  Now I live in Maryland and work as a programmer.

  • Looks

  • This is me at the Spring Formal in college with a good friend.  Please pardon the cheezy smile.

  • Preferences

  • I enjoy photography, white water rafting, playing hacky sack, watching TV, frisbee golf, editing video and audio.  I want to visit the moon.  I tried to get a job at NASA, but they only hire PHD's, or so it seems!!  I enjoy walking in old grave yards.  Creeks in the woods are wonderful!  I drive a pick up truck.  My wife is my best friend.  I prefer a Little Debby Nutty Bar to be refrigerated and served with milk.  Watching people is fun to me.  Working at a summer camp is GREAT!  I'd do that full time if I was wealthy enough not to have to worry about having a significant income. 

  • Faith

  • I hope it shall be said of me when I am gone that I was a devout Christian.  I was saved when I was in the fourth grade.  The Lord laid it on my heart when I was a teenager that I was supposed to be reading the Bible if I supposed to be a Christian.  I started reading and found that the Bible calls on Christians to be much more than "bench warmers!"  It is the job of all believers to Die to themselves and give their every day to God.  It is the job of every Christian to tell everyone how to know God and how to avoid the punishment for disobedience.  This job is not just for the preachers and missionaries.

    I struggled with this expectation on my life.  I didn't want to give it all over to God because I wanted to live the life I had been planning on.  Such submission to Him might send me to who knows where.  Perhaps He would want me to never marry or to die for the Gospel.  Finally, after a short inner-struggle, I told God that whatever He would have me do, I would do it.  He has consistently given me jobs to do.  All of the jobs require some self sacrifice.  All of the jobs have been wonderful experiences that I look back on with great joy.  Even the few jobs where I wanted to run out screaming, I was taught some important things by God.  A comfortable life is resistant to a submissive heart.  Tough times are integral part of spiritual maturity.  For such reasons, Jesus said, "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven." 

    I am a sinner.  We all are.  I struggle to have my own way and resist the desires of God.  I am selfish, lazy, stubborn.  I love the Lord.  I had to have faith to start the relationship I have with Him.  Once I was saved, I found proof.  He interacts with a submitted believer.  It is not proof that you can hold in your hand and show a scientist.  I can no easier prove God to you than I can prove my wife's love for me to you.  Why did God choose to do it this way?  He doesn't say.  But, I would venture to say it has to do with a desire on His part to force us to a true and submitted pursuit of Him.  If he would step out of a cloud and produce Himself, everyone would buddy up to Him the way they would if Donald Trump showed up at the Waffle House.  Trump doesn't hire everyone whose nose is brown, and God doesn't reveal Himself to those who aren't willing to have some faith.  Faith is cheap, but we don't like to "spend" it.

Klopex is a fun part of this nutritious breakfast!

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