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Mississippi Mission Trip

This is "Mrs. Klopex."  In June, I had the opportunity to be a part of a mission trip to Mississippi with
the Maryland Baptist Association.  We spent a week in Gulf Port, MS where Hurricane Katrina hit the coast the
hardest. When people think of Hurricane Katrina, usually New Orleans only comes to mind.  However,
Mississippians are quick to tell you that they sustained the most damage from the hurricane.  New Orleans
only dealt with major flooding.

Some of us worked in Vacation Bible Schools while others worked construction.  This trip helped me to reevaluate
my priorities and remember that life is precious and that family comes first just after God.

Every Mississippian I met had a heart wrenching story.  But it is important to know
that anyone you meet in life has a story if you take the time to listen.

Let me be quick to say that this was NOT one
of our church vans!
As our van headed down to MS, we pulled
up behind this van and thought it was quite
unusual and humorous.

After 20 hours of driving we finally crossed
the MS state line!

Our first look at the hurricane destruction.

When we entered the town we couldn't
utter a word.

I was to be the VBS Director at Cowen Road
Baptist Church for the week. The VBS theme
was a polar theme, so we attempted to make
icebergs with sheets.
We had to bring all materials and decorations
with us because the church had no
finances to support this type of ministry.

In fact, we found out later that it had been
about 5 years since this church had
attempted a VBS.
Pastor Rodney was so appreciative and
it was so neat to see members of his
congregation volunteer to help and see the
excitement on their faces as we went through
the week.

Sunday set up: Here is the craft room. I've
found that, with kids, Christmas lights are
ALWAYS a hit!!

Craft Room
Craft Room

Bible Room....again, Christmas lights!

Monday morning: We were a little
disappointed when only 12 kids showed up.
I'd been used to having at least 60 on the first
day of VBS. But Pastor Rodney was SO
excited about those 12 kids.
One of our Music Leaders: Every song had
motions that the kids learned.

I was SO proud of our teenagers! They
jumped right in and were enthusiastic with
This is what happens when there is a small group
and too much time in crafts! Play a game!




When VBS was over, we took a trip 10 minutes
down the road to the beach. The teen girls
and I were floored by what we saw. 
I'm not sure what this brick thing is, but it was
sitting on the side of the parking lot.

Rubble beside the parking lot at the beach

This motel is across the street from the beach.
There are no walls left.

I think this was to expand the highway we
were on before the storm hit.

This is someone's microwave in the sand
on the beach.

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Klopex is a fun part of this nutritious breakfast!

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