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Mississippi Mission Trip

All of the trees were leaning in the direction
that the wind blew.

Edge of a marina. Please tell me how a
bumper car came to be here?

Everything along this part of the coast was
destroyed, including the kitchen sink!

Someone's bed

I thought the S.S. Minnow was pretty funny.

This entire area used to have beach front houses
and resort hotels.
The pier is gone.

A house used to stand in this spot. Now it's
just a concrete slab.

This is a pillar that belonged to this house.

Rubble was everywhere and most of the beaches
were closed.

No more pier

The South will rise again!!

I'm sure this used to be a gorgeous house
across from the beach. If you notice, the owners
left a message for looters.

This is the house next door.
And the house on the other side.

This tree is laying across the slab of a
house that has disappeared.

Everywhere you looked, the destruction was
never ending. We had been told that many of the
MS residents were battling depression. I can
see why.
All that is left of this home is the brick

One of the many resort signs........

.....without a resort......
There were no buildings. They had been carried
out to sea.

Rubble from a house. In the upper right
corner you can see the handles to the
swimming pool.
The local strip mall. Everything washed

No more shoes. No walls.

The large Marina at Gulf Port

Any boats that were here were either
destroyed or just gone.


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