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Myrtle Beach Vacation


I do not know why she is all puckered up.




On day 2, we went back to the beach in the
mid-morning before it was too crowded.

This is one of those pictures that we will always
look at and say, "Look at how little she was!"

This is such a timeless moment!


The waves would knock him down and we
would hold on to each other until he stood
back up.




The secret to building around a child (in the
sand or with blocks) is to collect all of your
resources before you construct.  Established
structures are just too tempting.  They must be
built quickly in order to be finished before
being torn down!

It helps greatly to distract the child from your
building projects as well.



He is a sand shark!

After naptime, we went to the pool.  Since she
freaked out about the sea water, we did not
know how she would react.  She LOVED it!
She was jumping and kicking her legs.  She
was very excited to be in the water.

The kiddy pool had this tower with branches
reaching out.  On the ends of the branches
were basically buckets.  These buckets would
fill up with water and then tip over.  I found
just before this picture was taken that one
bucket pours out behind where I am sitting.
It was very cold water!

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