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Myrtle Beach Vacation

We found a children's section and bought
some tickets for the rides.  We almost got out
of there with the only expense being fish food.


But I would not trade the time we had riding
the kids' rides!

We accidently bought WAY more tokens
than we needed.  So we ended up trying almost
every ride that they had.






This racecar was big enough for both kids.
After we got past his protesting at actually
having to touch her they started riding it
together.  What came next blew us away!

She LOVED it.  She has shown very little
personality up until now.  But at the pool, she
was going crazy.  In this car, she was cheering
and laughing and waving.

This little wave looks SO girly!  


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Klopex is a fun part of this nutritious breakfast!

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