Exclusive Wednesday Night Concert
Our son delighted us with a private unplugged concert. (1:29)  July 15, 2009
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When Daddy Met Tiny
Just two men enjoying a cracker.  Mmmmm Mmmmm! (1:29)  November 8, 2008
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Thanks to the Little Rascals/Our Gang TV show, I cannot resist the urge to say "Remarkable" to any tall stack of just about anything I see. (:58)  August 14, 2008
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A Little Hyperactive
A music video of our son beat boxing with the help of some "Hyperactive Editing."  This video is a sort of tribute or perhaps gratuitous copy of the video, "Hyperactive" by Lasse Gjertsen who possibly invented the Hyperactive Editing style. (1:07)  July 12, 2008
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Twelve Months
An morphed animation of one picture per month of our son for twelve months. (1:11)  May 7, 2008
Music by: Matthew James Andrae, "May You Thrive"
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Funny Faces
I found some video of our boy making some funny faces and I had to share it with the rest of the world.  I hope you like it! (1:42)  March 2, 2008
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This is my first dramatic short film. I want to make more movies.(2:03)  January 30, 2008
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Look What I Can Do!
Our little boy has learned an important new trick! (1:49)  January 16, 2008
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At one point, our boy started becoming more vocal.  . (1:03)  January 11, 2008
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Clemson vs. Florida State
How does one decide between two fine institutions of learning?  Here is a video of a man who has an opinion. (1:12)  August 27, 2007
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Our Baby's First Week
Here are some clips from the first week after our baby was born.  We were still at the hospital.  He doesn't do many tricks, but here you go!  (3:32)  May 9, 2007
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Our Newborn Baby!
We finally had our baby!  If you want to know the sex, weight, and name, you have to watch my video.  Yahoo!!!  (2:31)  May 7, 2007
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Wiggling Baby In The Womb
I just bought a Panasonic GS320 digital video camera (just in time) at the end of our pregnancy.  I was playing with the camera that first night and my wife said, "Quick, the baby's wiggling!"  You can see our little one wiggling just like in that cute little movie, "Alien."  (:39)  April 24, 2007
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Pretty Snow
I wanted to give my mom a little bit of Maryland winter.  I made her this video using my Konica Minolta Dimage Z2 digital still camera.  It has some sights and sounds of winter.  (1:24)  February 25, 2007
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Street Xylophone Player in U.K.
I was on a trip touring Bath, UK.  I came upon this very talented xylophone player.  He was playing beautifully and it was echoing along the stone streets among the very old buildings.  Bath is a neat place!  Probably good for a one day visit.  (1:04)  January, 2007
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Christmas Message
My wife and I were not able to be with my family due to some significant pain that she was suffering due to degenerative fibroids during her pregnancy.  The day we started driving to spend Christmas with my family, the fibroid pain started.  We had to stop our long trip and drive home (after a hospital visit.)  We made this video to send to my family since we couldn't be with them.  During the video, something pretty funny happened.  Laughing caused the fibroids to start hurting again.  They got worse (probably not just because of the laughing) and we ended up going back to the hospital and stayed throughout the night.  Several pain medicines later, we were sent home with instructions to take a lot of an over-the-counter medicine.  If you have fibroid pain, consult your physician.  (:23)  December 23, 2006
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Pool Victim
We were on a trip to Williamsburg and encountered a tragedy in the morning.  (:22)  October 7, 2006
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Mississippi Mission Trip
Here is a video of the kids singing one of the Vacation Bible School songs.  This song really touched me.  After all that the kids have been through, to hear them singing to Jesus that they would follow Him no matter the circumstances, it was just overwhelming for me.  Go see the pictures from this trip!  (:42)  June 16, 2006
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My Wife's First Snow Angel
When we moved to Maryland, we had a big snow and my wife wanted to make her first real snow angel.  She grew up in Florida where the snow never gets deep enough to see.  2005
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Merry Christmas Nathan!
My nephew could not attend our family's annual Christmas Eve Eve celebration because he was away at war.  So, we made him this video.  December 23, 2004
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Name That Fish Species
During the singles lake house retreat, some fishing occurred.  The camera man (John the Baptist in the next video) adds commentary to what is basically a grass roots fishing show.  He definitely almost knows what species the fish is.  (2:32)  Summer, 2000?
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John on the Jordan River
OK, it's not John the Baptist on the Jordan River, but it's pretty funny.  This is a video from a "singles" retreat to a lake house.  I'm really not sure when it was filmed.  I know it was after I was married, but before I moved, so 2000 will be a rough idea of when this might have happened.  (:29)  Summer, 2000?
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The day before my wife and I married, this video was recorded of me singing a song that I wrote the words to.  The camera man (who isn't a student of steady-cam) did not get the whole song, but he got enough.  My accompaniment is one of my best friends ever, and a groomsman and our trumpeteer.  Nowadays he is a gunslinger in the old west.  (1:10)  May 7, 1999
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Harry Caray
Will Ferrell had a character named Harry Caray who mildly resembled the actual Harry Caray from Chicago Cubs fame.  This is my friend doing an impersonation of Will Ferrell doing Harry Caray.  (:30)  May, 1999
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Mama Cat
Mama Cat was a cat I got when I was in the 4th or 5th grade.  I got her from a boy in the neighborhood.  I remember him telling me that she was a girl because he looked into her face and saw that she looked like one.  Anyhow, we had Mama Cat for a long time.  She's gone now.  But I found some video of her when I was digitizing my VHS tapes.  So now we can all remember Mama Cat.  I'm not exactly sure when this was videoed.  If the kittens in the video are Bubba and Scooter, then this was videoed 5 years earlier than it is listed.  ...And to Bob Barker, I apologize.  (2:34)  1994?
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